Kayaking Croatia – Adria Adventure Dubrovnik

Freequently Asked Questions

Booking Your Trip

How do I make a reservation?
BOOKING FORM – Fill in the booking form at our website.
DEPOSIT INVOICE – You will receive the invoice for the deposit in the amount of 30%
DEPOSIT PAYMENT – The deposit can be paid by bank wire transfer or by credit card

What if I need to cancel my tour?
Please contact us by e-mail.

When do I pay the balance for the tour?
The balance for the tour is paid at the spot, when you arrive to Dubrovnik, by credit card or cash.

What are the cancellation fees?
Over 21 days – Deposit is fully refunded
21 – 7 days – 50% of the deposit is refunded
7 days prior to arrival – deposit is not refundable

Do you offer group tours or discounts?
For groups of 6 – 9 participants we offer 5% discount
For groups of 10 – 15 participants we offer 10% discount
For groups of 15 – 20 participants we offer 12% discount
For groups of more than 20 participants we offer 15% discount
Are the departure dates guaranteed?
Yes. However in case the number of participants is less than 3 we reserve the right to change the itineraray.


Before your trip

How much luggage can I bring?
Please see our Packing List

Does the luggage need to fit in the kayak?
No. We take care of the transportation on your luggage when you paddle from the island of Lopud to the island of Sipan (Elaphite Islands One Week Kayaking Tour; Activity Week).

Where do I exchange the money?
Local currency in Croatia is Kuna. We recommend changing the money when you arrive, since you get better exchange rate here. You can also get cash at local ATMs. Please note that on the island of Sipan there are no ATMs but on the islands Lopud and Mljet there is an ATM.
In Dubriovnik credit cards are widely accepted but on the islands most of the restaurants do not accept the credit cards.

How much money should I bring?
Remember that you’ll need to allow enough to cover lunches, some dinners, shopping, entrance fees to some attractions, souvenirs and drinks. Here are some approximate local costs:

Coffee….. € 1 – € 1,5
Capuccino, Latte…… € 1,5 – €2
Soft drink……..€2
Beer……€ 2
Glass of wine……€2 – €7
Ice cream (1 scoop)…..€1
Typical lunch (seafood risotto, vegetarian meal, fried calamari, local minced meet, grilled fish) ..…… €8  – €15
3 course dinner …….. €20 – €35
Entrance to the museums in Dubrovnik…..€4 – €6
Entrance to Dubrovnik City Walls……….€12

Do you arrange the flights?
You need to book the flights separately. Here is the list of the airlines flying to Dubrovnik:

What time do I need to arrive to Dubrovnik?
You should look for the flights that arrive to Dubrovnik before 7 pm (July and August – before 7,30 pm)
Activity Week – any time, the first night in Dubrovnik

What if my flights arrive later than 7 pm?
The last ferry to the islands Lopud and Sipan is at 8,00 pm (July and August 8,45 pm) . If you do not arrive in time we can arrange the speedboat transfer. The additional cost for speedboat transfer is  Euro 50 (it is the rate for 1 – 6 people)

What time do we come back from the islands at the end of the tour?
Sunday: the first ferry gets to Dubrovnik at 08,40 am
Thursday: the first ferry gets to Dubrovnik at 07,15 am

How long does it take to the airport?
It takes 20 – 30 minutes from the ferry terminal to the airport. Check in closes 45 minutes before the flight. Dubrovnik airport is small however you need to be there at least 1 hour prior to your departure. If your flight is at 10,45 and later you can easily take the fery and be on time.

What if my flight leaves Dubrovnik before 10,45 am?
We can arrange the speedboat transfer at the additional cost of €50 per transfer (1 to 6 people)

Should I purchase the travel insurance?
We strongly recommend purchasing of the travel insurance.

Do you have Risk Assessment Plan?

During the tour

How many people will be on the tour with me?
Maximum number of the participants is 16

What happens if I’m traveling alone? Is there an extra charge?
If you’re planning on traveling alone, (and nearly half of our clients do) and don’t want to pay for a single room, we’ll set you up with a roommate — same sex, of course! However, if you really want your very own room, it is available for an additional charge.

What happens when I arrive?
When you arrive our representative will meet you at Dubrovnik airport with the sign Adria Adventure. You will be transferred to the Old Town Dubrovnik and you will have some time to explore the city. We will pick you up near the Old Town later and we will take you to the Port of Gruz, from where you will take the ferry to the island.We will keep your luggage while you explore the Old Town Dubrovnik.

How long is the ferry ride?
Dubrovnik – island of Lopud: 45 minutes
Dubrovnik – island of Sipan: 60 minutes



What is the guide to guest ratio?

Do I need to have previous paddling experience?
No. It is important that you can swim and your health condition is good.

How long do we paddle?
On most of our tours kayaking is 2 – 3.5 hours per day and the rest is swimming, snorkeling, island exploring

What kayaks do you use?
>Our kayaks are Prijon (Lasser, Atlantis) and RTM. Both, single and double kayaks are available.

Do you provide snorkeling gear?
We provide the masks for snorkeling.