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KIMKIM: Best of the Dalmatian Coast – One Week Croatia Itinerary
From the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic” of Dubrovnik through the islands of Korcula and Hvar to the 1600 year old city of Split, this itinerary presents the highlights of the Dalmatian coast. Begin with three nights in Dubrovnik, then travel by ferry across the crystal clear blue Adriatic to Korcula and Split. Explore Croatia’s wine regions, discover hidden beaches, and visit the beautiful islands. Conclude your trip with two nights in Split, wandering the streets of Diocletian’s Palace and Old Town.


FTN NEWS: ROW Sea Kayak Adventures Announces New Kayaking Tour in the Balkans
ROW Sea Kayak Adventures announced a new sea kayaking and adventure tour in the Balkan region. ROW has a long history in the Balkans, with founder Peter Grubb’s first visit there in 1974. Over the years, ROW has offered several tours in the area, ranging from hiking to kayaking, cultural exploration to culinary adventures.


Locally run holidays travel guide – For most travelers, holidays fall into two neat definitions: a package bought from a holiday company who organizes all the logistics for you, or independent travel, where you book nothing more than a place to sleep.But there is a third way: a locally run holiday. Your guides will likely have grown up in the places they’re showing you around, they’ll take you to their favorite restaurants, drinking spots and live music venues, and you may even have the opportunity to spend a night in a home-stay – or enjoy a home cooked meal.



Wet & Wild – Croatia’s Elahiti Islands are stunning – and entierly unspoilt –place to escape summer crush, as Oliver Thring discovered on a sea kayaking tour of the Adriatic Coast



‘Adventure downshifting’
“Ground down by the grind? Reached your city limits? Whether you want to run for the hills or simply paddle your own canoe, Mark MacKenzie suggests that ‘adventure downshifting’ could be the answer” THE INDEPENDENT



Destination of the Year: Adventure Guide: CroatiaText by Jon Bowermaster
“With some 1,200 islands scattered across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is best seen by boat. And though most visitors will probably choose to avoid a five-week, 400-mile (644-kilometer) expedition like ours, it’s very possible to catch the highlights in a few days. Here’s how.” NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC



Croatia by kayak: Hidden beaches and cities of the Dalmatian Coast – under paddle power, By Chris Lawrence
“The waves were getting higher. At times they lifted the front of the kayak so far that my legs seemed to take off, while the stern became submerged.
More than an hour into our expedition to the medieval walls of Ston, the Adriatic was determined to break our will. But we were driven forward by the prospect of the best seafood on the Dalmatian Coast – freshly-farmed mussels and oysters from the Peljesac Peninsula.”



Interview with Ivana Grzetic – Former Miss Universe Croatia – Now Sea Kayaking Entrepreneur in Dubrovnik – Our Expert on Croatia,
“In one of my searches on the Internet about interesting travel websites I found a site on sea kayaking in the Adriatic. I contacted the webmaster to do a mutual link exchange and upon further investigation, I asked Ivana, one of the founders of the website, to actually do an interview with me. As you will see, she is an expert on Croatia and a pretty interesting individual herself.” TRAVEL & TRANSITIONS 



Leader interview:  Family Sea Kayaking in Croatia
Sandy beaches are always favorite spots to find on our family kayaking trip. Such as Sunj beach, on the south side of Lopud Island. We kayak there on the first day, so it is the first arrival at a beach, and it is the biggest sandy beach in this area. We come around a corner and suddenly you see it, just keep paddling towards it for three or four minutes and then we land directly on the sandy beach with the kayak. Kids love that feeling of landing on a sandy beach, and it is a shallow bay, so you can play there for ages.



Leader interview: Sea Kayaking Holiday in Croatia
The highlight of our trip is paddling out to the caves. We kayak out there and then we go into the water. Some people jump directly from the kayaks and then we swim into the cave. There is a small hole to get in there, so you don’t need to dive under the water to get in. But when you enter into the cave, the colours inside are really amazing. On the bottom there is sand, so if you come at the right moment, and the sand is still on the good side, the water reflects on the sand under the water, and in the cave everything is bright, and the water is all green and blue and turquoise colors.



What travel costs 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia 
When we left our house-sitting in Germany we didn’t do much planning, but we had to leave the Schengen area. We chose Croatia. After our relatively quiet and inexpensive sojourn in Germany, we decided on a 7-day guided walking tour and a holiday adventure.
Psychologically, however, we weren’t prepared for moving into the madness of a holiday paradise in mid-summer. It seemed like moving from our quiet home in Canberra to the Gold Coast in peak season without any thought or preparation and it took us a couple of days to adjust. (